World’s First Rollable TV, with an OLED panel technology, thereby giving a perfectly accurate picture quality, eco-friendly and comfortable visuals along with right color accuracy and a wide viewing angle.

Why LG Smart TV?

LG Smart TV is recognized as the most advanced display of the future that holds an organic light-emitting Diode - a separate light source. It’s a state of the art technology that boasts exquisite image quality & an exceptional degree of freedom in design in a single sleek 0.95 mm panel.

Transparent LG Smart TV

A self-emissive display that provides you with true transparency & crystal clear visuals, whilst providing you with the joy of real-life colors and exquisite quality display. LG Smart TV screens also offer multi-purpose commercial liberty to transform airport’s mundane windows into flight information display screens.

Cinematic Sound LG Smart TV

A trailblazing sound system that generates the most precise, natural, and authentic sound across display and converts everyday spaces into home theatres along with high-end quality sound & exquisite quality images.

Wallpaper LG Smart TV

A remarkably ultra-thin panel that possesses a self-emissive display and perfectly blends any interior space into seamless & effortless harmony.

Rollable LG Smart TV

One of the first groundbreaking Rollable LG Smart TV screens are designed to provide you with an option to roll up & down the display screen, leaving a blank space for the interior designers to creatively fill.