Control how others look at you with just a click

Smart Glass

Genxhom Smart Glass, a cutting edge intelligent system that permits you to control its glass transparency. This technology allows you to turn the glass from transparent to translucent with just a click, giving you the liberty of having a solitude space along with the probability of intermingling at your preferred rhythm.

Uses of Smart Glass

Smart Clinic

Genxhom Smart Glass provides you with a technology that replaces blinds and sectionalize spaces, which is especially needed in Clinics, Hospitals, Salons & Spa, to give you the remoteness imperative to your tranquility. Genxhom Smart Glass bestows you with an exquisite solution to traditional materials used for partitions in Public Spaces.

Smart Office

Genxhom Smart Glass aids in making a lasting impression on not only your clients but also on your team. Just switch from transparent to translucent by clicking on a button. Glass facades are a common occurrence in commercial buildings with a major expense of air conditioning and lighting. Genxhom Smart Glass provides you the solution that not only controls but reduces the consumption of all the major expenses without compromising on the contemporary looks of an office or commercial buildings!

Smart Living

Innovate your home by permitting advanced technology to dispense you with choices of sophistication, comfort and solitude. Smart Glass for the windows lets you enjoy the panoramic & scenic view from the comfort of your home with just a click. It aids in obstructing heat & glare when needed, thus saving on air- conditioning cost. It provides you a transparent glass to maneuver privacy and visibility at a push of a button and leaves an aesthetically rich and refined feel to your decor.

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